I Shin Den Shin

Reiki Absent Healing, also called Reiki Distance Treatment, uses the quantum subatomic communication between particles. There are tools and methods as well as protocols to send a Distance Healing treatment and our purpose here is not to unveil these. Rather as we practice Zazen again and have had this surge of retrieving old text, these words appear  quite often: I Shin Den Shin. Literal translation of Japanese Kanji is not simple and could end up narrowing the meanings. However, it is known that " I Shin Den Shin " is used as a Zen Buddhism concept to express the idea of sub atomic particles communication. In simple words I Shin Den Shin, just means non verbal communication, Vacuity, and quantum.

Here  I SHIN DEN SHIN to you.

As I send out I Shin Den Shin, to the Internet Universe, I also send out waves of healing and distant connection. The quantum matrix works fine. and the Reiki Votes will fly into the polling stations... If all of you give us One Vote per Day, we can make it...Together we can... Hum sounds familiar but not patented so I can use it over and over.

In gratitude