Heart Energy

We were born from the heart and to the heart we shall return. Heart consciousness is not another type of meditation rather it is the core of loving-kindness. Meditation is an important aspect of life. I read this article today from the Elephant Journal and it reminded me that meditation is a brain-changing practice. It re-harmonises the waves in the brain. It calms it and make you become more of an observer of events. Teaching you subtly how to then take action.

There also is a connection between meditation and neuroscience and evidence is coming out about the positive influence of meditation on the brain.  The world evolves we are in the middle of a fabulous shift  and the world of 2012 will little resemble the world of 2007. Why did I chose the date of 2007. Because it is said that the cycle of transformation started in 2008 and will last until 2015. 

The Earth needs us, the Earth needs YOU, the Sea Water needs us and needs YOU... We all can do something... see here Dr Emoto's message....

During these transitional times, healing is in great demand and many forms of healing can take place for you. Eventually it all starts in the heart. Forgive and move one. Give thanks and move on. Look inside look what triggered give love and move on.

Clients coming for Reiki are all looking for the same thing: harmony, calm, peace. Healing meditation was also at action for Japan following the disastrous EQ of March 11th. Several reactions were triggered ranging from observing, apocalyptic, praying, acting, and of course rationalisation. A bit of every aspect of human consciousness. The Elephant Journal (again) writes it really nicely . Click here

Now we all have a job to do: this job is to learn to Love, Give Love and Remind People to Go back to their heart and LOVE.  Because the earth changing events will require a lot of love to be given around in the waves of the world. So start giving love today!

Do you want to read about How to start? Oh well this is not how to start loving this is about how to start and we like the post so we re-post from Zen Habits

In gratitude