Gratitude To Whom Encounters Reiki - The Open Path

Do you actually know that being a Karuna Reiki® Master actually means the person is already an Usui Reiki Master teacher and that Karuna Reiki® is NOT a different type of Rei Ki but simply a further exploration of Rei Ki energies? Karuna Reiki®  was born out of the research of Usui Rei Ki Masters who did explore the origins of Rei Ki and discovered and were channeled energies with respective symbols.So being a Karuna Reiki®Master is similar to a specialisation within the Rei Ki system. It is not a parallel path.
Any Usui Reiki Masters may one day feel the need to explore further to experience further to heal further to offer further and this is what Karuna Reiki® Masters have felt and engaged in. To make it simple, one has to be a Usui Reiki Master to register for a class ofKaruna Reiki®  Mastership. One has to know the 4 symbols of Reiki Master level and the two symbols of Usui Reiki Master Teacher level. They know how to attune others and they have already been a Reiki Master Teacher for at least one year. Simple? Yes simple. When Karuna Reiki® enters your home you may be guaranteed some fabulous boos tin energy levels!. No exceptions.

Being a Reiki Master is not an honorific title. It is actually not a title. Just a step on a path. The Rei Ki path in this particular case. Well yes, being a Rei Ki Master does mean that the person is a seeker, a learning healer, an "insighter", and also a compassionate heart. It does mean the person has reached a certain level of comprehension about certain matters, and also has made a commitment to search further for answers. I am not sure if every one sees it this way. This is the way my fellow friends Rei Ki Masters and I feel to say about being a Reiki Master. Moreover, teaching Rei Ki is a faboulous experience. Personally I never thought I would one day teach Rei Ki although I did instantly nurture some kind of admiration from the Rei Ki Master who initiated me to Rei Ki back in 1999., He had a constant smile on his face. I used to call him my Zen Master. Always there when you are almost like of expecting him.

Now that I actually teach Rei Ki, and loving it. I am thankful to all the students I have had. Every time I have taught Rei Ki I felt some much energy passing through my body that it made me fly. Moreover every time ,students came to me for advice I was so humbled to give it with great passion.

I simply love Rei Ki and my students.

thank you thank You thank you...
In gratitude