Gratitude gratitude gratitude for the many votes... We are reaching our target... A few more days to vote for Healing Mudras. thank you thank you thank you. !

Yes Yes Yes, this is the SHIFT, the well talked about SHIFT... and when it comes to Rei Ki and the powerful yet subtle energies entering the auric bodies and the interstitial life of its own then the shift enters the cellular life re-arranges by itself. Adapt, Go with the flow, Be Grateful, Accept Change. Accept there is no truth. Accept new ideas. Accept to drop certainties.

Accept to follow your bliss. Simple? Yes somehow simple. Yes somehow difficult. It depends how well you are prepared for change. In many years of practice I often hear or being asked about the improvement of a condition? All I can answer is, it will change if  the recipient allows it to happen. As per quantum laws, forcing it will make it  bounce back double-force.

Rei Ki cannot be imposed. With all good intentions, even the intention of love, one cannot fix everything. So let it flow, let it go. This is the year of the mind great undoings. So let it happen. Trust a new way of life.

This morning I experienced something with a person. While explaining a problem that occurred with a worker at the house and explaining the person would need a little vacation for a week or so, the other person, responded" Yes I agree with you, you are free to take any decisions" What is best for you will work for us. Fascinating.

This morning also as I gave self-reiki to me with great intention of helping the cleansing and healing crisis occurring to me,  I opened my tool box and held tight to all the tools I have collected in 13 years of Reiki practice. I visualized my head and drew all the symbols I collected up until now deeply within my head, and I chanted them. The Japanese techniques for Reiki use the power of intent associated with the sound of the Kotodama. Earth-Ki, heavenly - Ki and Universal-Ki and all the Karuna Reiki® symbols can be chanted as the sound of Aum. Let them flow out and back again. Afterwards a bit of Zazen and the day can start.... Com' on let's go it is almost the new decade opening!.

In gratitude for all co-creation with Healing Mudras!