Self Reiki Kindness

Self-Reiki is the basics of Reiki. As soon as you learn Reiki Sho-den (Level I) your teacher will tell you to 'practice' 'practice'' ' practice' and 'practice' again... Self-Reiki is the opening gate to understand how the energies work. To re-align your whole body and auric body to new vibrations. Self-reiki is an act of kindness to your self. Once you progress on the Reiki path, then yu will be able to put more labels on the energies and describe how your intuition is sharpening.

To be kind to oneself is essential in life and during 'crazy' times like those around now, the kindred you are the better and the more the 'let go' of ego will help you fly higher and higher.

I am beyond words, beyond mind, beyond universal doubt and fear.
I choose to be love.
I choose to be kind to myself. 
Kindness is life force energy.
I give myself to life.
Reiki is kind to me.

I wil now share with you an affirmation that lived with me since I started Reiki, in 1999 and that serves purposes of releasing and let go. Healing at deep level.

"I forgive and release absolutely anyone and anything that may accept or require forgive and release, including myself, in body, mind and spirit, in all life , work and surroundings , in all times, space and dimensions, I am free, you are free, I release you in love and fill the gaps with unconditional love." 
This is a deep affirmation that coupled with self-Reiki and absent healing create waves of new vibrations all around the here and now and send you in a completely new light. Try it now. It is my gift for you today.

In gratitude for your Vote for Us