Searching for Ki

Maybe I have not announced this yet but I have re-integrated my Zazen practice. As I tried Vipassana while in some kind of ' no-name land' and enjoyed it and practiced it with passion, I had to return to my Zen practice. Zazen sitting meditation is what was in my blood. When I sit in ZaZen. everything comes into place.Here and Now. As posture attention, correct mindfulness and breathing are reinstated from my cellular memory (Same as muscle memory? I guess it is, considering the progress on tracks up to now) these words come to existence again. I Shin Den Shin, is the quantum communication link, the unspoken, the ethereal energy that flies. Wow subtle and yet powerful.

This morning I search for Kanji scripts of the word Ki, which is the second ideogram for Rei - Ki. (See our post of 27 Feb on Holistic Reiki) and as much as I used to learn Chinese (25 years ago) and can still read a bit, and decipher most of the Reiki literature and Kanji. I was stunned by the amount of ideograms available to express Ki.....

Here is the list: It includes, and I will start with that one because it is the one comprised to spell Rei Ki:

Ki- as spirit, mind

Genuine, birth, life
steam, vapor

Hope, beg, request, pray, beseech, Greece, dilute, rare, few, phenomenal

Fascinated by this? Well yes if you never opened a book for Kanji or idepgrams or any asian languages then for sure fascinationwill surprise you. If you did, then you will only be stunned by the amount of characters available to express one labelled word.
As In Zen practice, words a silenced, mind is silenced, body is silenced and connection with the here and now is breath only, then discover your Ki and fly... in the Zen quantum. 

You can have a look at the whole list over here at a special Kanji custom design site

In gratitude, 

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