The Reverse Side Also Has Reverse Side

It is fairly difficult to have every day as a good day. It is fairly difficult to even admit that there isn't a day with a little bit of worries or low energies. So what to do during those days... If you a weather empath, like us, then you may start searching for clues of larger geological events such as earthquakes, if you are a Reiki Practitioner, you may wish to get a refresher from your Course's manual, some good You  Tube videos or download some binaural beats waves for relaxation... You may wish to listen to your body and take a rest for a day or two. If you are a Reiki Master, be thankful you are one and open your tool box search for the perfect tool and fly... let your spirit get out of your body and look at yourself from above.... Healing crisis do occur with regular frequencies. they have a function. Clear up the dust and the clutter. they are refreshing and how wonderful when the next day is a bright day and all dis-comforts are behind.

Intention is essential in healing and I wont get tired of repeating it. Intention is a matching energy with higher powers. You can imagine high energies flying along in the sky lookig for healing and catching in up with you. Hey I got one, here some healing.... get better... However if you sit and relax and wait for healing to occur just like that, then it may take longer than necessary and even weaken you up.
So relax, get your tool box in motion and keep Reiki on the way... Reiki is timeless, and Karuna Reiki® associated with Usui Reiki is just the perfect combination for deep, deep healing to occur.

Impermanence is one of the essential principles within Buddhism teachings. Nothing is ever permanent. everything is in constant movement. Even a dis-comfort a bit of un-wellness...Like a solar eclipse it will last only a short time ...

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In gratitude