Reiki Spirit of the Day - Benefits of Reiki

As in a synchronicity event what thoughts generate manifest into reality. Last week as the Reiki II class drew to a close we were pondering as to where we could find some reports on the Benefits of Reiki. This morning as we opened our mailbox here was the answer with an interesting 
The report is produced by the Reiki Center Singapore.  Our synchronicity even also includes the fact that we were pondering about the evolution of Reiki in Asia.
The answer came by itself.

Interested in the Report and the Survey? Click here

The report show indeed positive connections between taking on Reiki Treatment and the healing of a various conditions. The report takes on 200 case studies collected from around the world.

For us today represent a one year into our Karuna® Reiki Mastership in Hana, Maui, Hawaii on February 7th. As the progression and the evolution of the energies continues we persevere on our path. Opening doors and gateways to fabulous experiences.

In gratitude,