Reiki Share

Yesterday at Healing Mudras center we had a Reiki Share event. Five of us from different levels of Reiki shared Reiki treatments and two of us who never received treatments, had their first experience. Reiki Share events are great opportunity to refresh hands position, share with others experiences on receiving and giving treatments and introduce new-comers to the healing practice of Reiki. It is also an opportunity for those who practice for long time to become students once more and break their boundaries of ego.

One Reiki Vote per Day, Keeps Reiki on the Way: Thank you for your support and cast your vote for Healing Mudras, Voting once per day is allowed as the competition is only about Reiki, a cumulative therapy. 

What is your experience with Reiki share? Have you attended one, do you organise Reiki share? Would you share something with us about this?

We share this picture with you... Our small lotus pond greeted us with this beauty today. Out of the blurry of life sometimes, comes out clarity. Zen mind beginner's mind.

In gratitude.