Reiki Healer Tales [Part I]

There are many experiences in Reiki. Experiences from the practitioners, the Reiki Masters, and the person who receives treatment. Not all are similar. Most have a common understanding: Reiki is soothing.
With Reiki Healer Tales we wold like to highlight those stories and experiences that us, healers, Reiki healer experience when in contact with let's call it, 3 D life. The usual mundane life of people and banks, supermarkets and other encounters. But also friends and contacts and relationships where we are seen as ' human' and not as 'healer' or at least in a vest that is not primary the one of the healer. I am usually not entering the bank to solve a glitch by announcing " Hello, I am Isabella Usui Reiki Master and Karuna Reiki Master, this is my account number, what type of energy can you direct to my account to solve the mysterious lack of credit" Or else " A beam of white energy this morning told me you have good news for me and come and check the counter... "

It would be nice to do so, but is not yet possible. At least not in the 3 D world we live in. We would hope for the 4D and 5 D to manifest soon and be able to actually greet people at a distance, feel the smell organic rice at the local market in a second and hop-flying to get that lemon juice in that perfect spot without crashing the car on the pavement.

So here we are with first tales and if you have more than please share. As a healer how do you react to changes in the world? Let's take those occurring at the moment in many places and even squares,  who do you feel about them? Sadness yes is the first symptom that regardless of the attachment you may have to a specific location, it never is really happy to see people being killed and fighting openly with bare hands. But beyond that symptoms what could trigger a smile? As a healer what would you say to your best friend wanting to join the revolt? More what would you say to you Reiki Master colleague who wants to share the revolt?  This is an ethical issue i find. Beyond the ethics of the issue there also is a deeper Shift and transitional times issues isn't it? it is now difficult to neglect the idea that 2012 is next year, that 2012 represents the peak of the Shifting times and that 2011 is a year of illumination, where many will find their stand, chose their paths, open their heart, drop their ego and get ready for 2012. Moreover it is now very well documented that changes will occur during a two-years frame 2011-2013 and those with planets and aspects in Aries, Capricorn will feel the changes quite dramatically... What you resist persists... So as healers how do you advice? I found my way in explaining about the Shift. I am grateful these shifts occur as they give man opportunity to explain what the shift will be about and how finding solution from a different perspective from the problem originated is now more than ever a survival necessity.

Many persons around me experienced death or severe headaches in the past few weeks, even confusion and lack of clarity. To me, healer these are symptoms that the shift is occurring and that the electro-magnetic field is indeed changing. We welcome the changes with open arms.

People wanting change have to accept to let go of passion as passion is driven by ego. Those who are living in the change already, have i think a duty to bring along a critical mass of shifters. We as healers are in this category. Therefore the Zen quote of the tale today will be "The more the merrier"

Let Reiki shine in its full light and bring wisdom in your healing gifts.

In gratitude