Karuna® Reiki - Love is There to Stay [Part II]

Probably the most significant contribution to Reiki since its regeneration by Mikao Usui in the early 20th century. Karuna Reiki was discovered by a group of Reiki Master back in the early 1990's when the Reiki " movement' started to spread all over the world and in the US in particular. It  was not created by William Rand, rather channelled by William and other Reiki Masters who started to feel energies from awakened beings being channeled to them.

The other day I found this article about Karuna Reiki® where William Rand is interviewed and explains the basics of Karuna Reiki. I found the article interesting because with all his usual humility, William explains that he did not intent to create a new Reiki system but that it came to him and colleagues.... So they explored the energies and here we are with a Karuna Reiki System containing symbols and powerful healing energies.
Although the article is not recent it carries the message of Karuna Reiki® in good faith. As a Karuna Reiki® Master trained by William Rand I experienced spending 4 full days with him and a group of other Reiki Master. William Rand is one of the most humble and soft person I met in recent years. Very knowledgeable and cautious in exploring Reiki and its origins and channelling a message connected to the source of Reiki.

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