One Reiki Vote Per Day - Keeps Reiki on the Way

Healing Mudras is unique in the sense it blends Usui Reiki with Karuna Reiki®, Zen meditation and Tibetan Sinigng bowls. Upon entering the healing room you already have left behind a big chunk of worries and negative energies floating on your aura.Healing Mudras is also unique as a holistic practice commited to making a difference in the attitudes towards healing. This involves matching mind/body and universe connection through correct attitude towards living beings, towards our own life and maintaining harmony and balance in all actions. Hence organic living, making the best choices for food and liquids and maintaing balance in all undertaking is the basic principles of Helaing Mudras.

A Reiki Master does not diagnose a dis-ease, nor does he or she give prescriptions. However through cautious questions and answers an adequate line of action may be suggested to the patient to bring home a fwe good suggestions to keep the balance and/or enhance the healing process taking place through the treatment sessions received.

By working with the natural electromagnetic field of the body it is possible to work towards enhancing many aspects of life and here are some examples:

•Vibrant Health
•Fulfilling Relationships
•Inner Peace & Greater Happiness
•Overcoming Past Trauma
•De-rooting addiction such as smoke and alcool
•Aligning yourself with the Best Job for you
•Finding and Manifesting Your Bliss

The Reiki Center survey conducted in 2010 also details many aspects of improved harmony unveiled by patients receiving Reiki sessions. 

At Healing Mudras we take great care at using intuitive Reiki (Byosen scanning) and Karuna Reiki® symbols to generate deep healing for the first session onwards.

Because we know, healing will soon be in great demand...

In gratitude!