Karuna® Reiki - Love is there to stay

Karuna® Reiki is a next level of Usui Ryoho Reiki. It brings healing to a next level of depth by accessing karmic programmes and triggering interstitial healing in a m ore focused and powerful way. There a few debates on the origins of Reiki and one of them rejuvenate the connection with Tantric symbols and their healing powers.

Totally compatible with the Reiki Usui, Karuna® can be considered as a "specialisation" of the practice of Reiki. Karuna® Reiki Mastership can only be taken by a Usui Reiki Master who has done the Jiki-Den level (Teaching level) hence there is no messy around...It is straight forward and when Karuna® Reiki enters your life you are bound to fly very high, very fast and a very nice panoramic scenery...In my case I took the Karuna® Reiki Mastership in Hana, Maui, Hawaii and the class was special in many ways. First I manifested a dream to go to Hawaii, then I realised that Hana is a heavenly location in Maui. The people I met at the class where fascinating and lovely and I complemented a lot the knowledge I had about Reiki with exchanges and talks with them. I made a wish to remain in contact with them.

 The years 2009 -2010 have not been easy years, all of a sudden many aspects of my life changed and what i thought was temporary became a radical change. A set of new directions in life. It wasn't easy, then I let it go.  Karuna® Reiki was my ally on that choice and proved to be the most fabulous ally I had ever met.

Now,  Karuna® Reiki is a powerful tool for healing and for developing a deeper level of wisdom. Instead of explaining why and how I know this, I will give you an example. There are 6 symbols in Karuna® Reiki and all of them where channeled and tested by spiritual and clairvoyant beings who experienced deep connections with them prior to make them part of the system of Karuna® Reiki. The connection I am talking about is found in Tantra and deeply heals forgotten segments the cellular life of our bodies. Moreover, Karuna® Reiki acts fast and swiftly. It manifests its results almost instantly. Discover the wisdom of Karuna® Reiki and how by further opening the heart there is little that remains alive from the dust of the ego, Only vacuity. This is what I found and continue to explore in Karuna® Reiki.

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Love, Light and Gratitude !