Dust your Worries Behind

We'll start with a short Zen quote. Master Dogen used to say: "When you enter the Dojo, make sure you leave all your worries at the door. No one will steal them in your absence"

We know that worries are part of life and we also know our to do list, is about leave the worries where they belong and don't take along where you go. Easier said than done. With practice, the live in the here and now become more familiar and eventually takes over. 

The other day I was reading an article explaining that Reiki is not an ancient technique and rather a timeless healing technique. I agree with that. Moreover Reiki evolves with those who practice it, those with great clairvoyance skills. and those with heightened sensitivities. This is how in the 1990's a group of well-known Reiki Masters started to test new energies apparently being channeled through them. This was the birth of
Karuna Reiki® a registrered practice of deep Reiki treatments. If you wold like to  know more about Karuna Reiki®, we suggest you read this short article from one of the founder of what became a new Reiki System, William Rand.

Change is often restrained. It is known that when these Masters started to experience and test the new Reiki energies while exploring the origins of Reiki, a few challenges appeared. human beings like to establish themselves with a sense of holding on to a 'truth' . When listening to the story of the birth of Karuna Reiki®, described by the founder itself during my Karuna Reiki® Master training, it became clear to me that I belong to a group of people who like evolution, change and that William Rand is an honest, humble and very knowledgeable person on the origins. A person living in integrity and dedicated to share that integrity.

This blog is the only blog animated by a Karuna Reiki® Master and we would be humbled for your continuous votes for us in the final competition for the best Reiki Blog of Healing.About.Com.

In gratitude