Benefits of Reiki [Part II]

The report prepared by the Reiki Centre (Singapore) is quite impressive. It presents results from a survey carried out over a period of 2 months with 546 respondents. It reveals the positive effects Reiki Healing has on physical, emotional and well being conditions ranging from fatigue to depression, eating and drinking disorders, and severe conditions. The survey is important and impressive not only for the quality and the confirmation of positive effects of Reiki Healing, it also contributes to research and studies exploring the depth of healing and the long term positive effects of engaging in raising the mind-body connection. It is a timely report as well, as healing begins to be in great demand now that transitional times of shift are well advanced and will peak in the next 2 years. As Reiki Master and Karuna (R)  Reiki Master we honor all efforts aimed at providing evidence in a way or another that Reiki Healing is  up to its expectations

We like to highlight  from the Report a few words that can be used to describe the experience of Reiki Healing Treatment by those who receive a treatment:

- Relaxed,  Peaceful, Calm, Energised, Balanced, Refreshed, Happy, Good, Well, Focused, Clearer, Warm, Sleepy, Tired, Connected, whole, Loving, Contented, Light, Grateful, Powerful, stronger, Open, free, Harmonious, Joyous, Inspired, positive, Motivated, Empowered....

The findings show that Reiki is cumulative therapy. For those who engage in learning Reiki and practice Self-Reiki regularly, the more it is practiced and administered the better the results. Still in line with the cumulative effects, the findings also reveal that while it may take an average of 7 years to actually significantly change the course of a condition by 70%, this can be overrode by increasing the number of hours in self-Reiki (more than 4 hours a week)  which would shorten the number of years needed to significantly change the course of a condition. In other words being a Reiki Practitioner practicing self-Reiki more than 4 hours a week will give a 100 % improvement result in a period ranging from 4 to 6 years. Practicing less than 4 hours a week will give a result of 87% of improvement of overall wellness in about 7 years time.

So, the conclusion is: the more you practice, the better and shorter time is needed to clear up physical and emotional clutter and live in a state of pure wellness... Did we need such a survey to know that? We say YES, YES, YES because often Reiki is presented as a either a miracoulous practice that gives results in no time, or it is described as 'relaxation' which is only an aspect of the results but not the actual result which is much deeper.We say thank you to Elain Hamilton Grundy for this very good report. It will be an excellent tool for Reiki Masters and Teachers as it also documents healing stories, it is inspirational for practitioners and contributes to heighten the spirit of Reiki....

The Spirit of Reiki likes open doors and open windows like at this temple where we went around and found this window open int he ceremony lounge... we liked it so we photographed it. We hope you like it too. The Spirit of Reiki likes it.

In gratitude