Voyager - When the Magic of Intuition Gets You Going Strategically

I must confess, the Voyager Tarot deck is just the best ever Tarot Deck I have ever used. Its full title is "Voyager, Intuition Cards for the 21st Century" The explanation note at the back of the box says something about "strategic intuition" and I must agree with this. The day I picked up the deck in the bookshop, that statement attracted me (besides the colourful cards). How can intuition be strategic? Yes indeed my own intuition was clear about the answer to this query, as Neptune in Pisces in approaching, definitely intuition on the rise and the essence of my own psychic abilities on the sharpening curve as well. the word strategic though is not commonly applied to intuition. Strategic thinking is usually connected with the left side of the brain. So the statement strategic intuition to me is explained by a blending of sharp thinking (left brain) and natural flow of intuition (right brain) generating crystal-clear clairvoyance with a taste of strategic planning! Fabulous! We love it.

Picture is from the New York Institute

There is a card in the Deck which also suggest to "trust the logic of your intuition'" which clearly addresses this blending of right/left brain capacities. When this card shows up, the person usually looks a bit puzzled to me seeking clarification. How can intuition be logic? isn't intuition something that is just ' out of the blue"? No it isn't. Intuition is much more than a mere sixth sense, and it is much more than just a feeling. It is grounded in the deep understanding of our connection to the Universe something that would make you say " ah ah I see"  and that connects you to your own essence.  Synchronicity of feelings, subtle knowledge and essence of the DNA programme inhabiting you.

Towards the end of the Year and at the onset of the New Year, people tend to turn on to Tarot readings and we did several of them. Here is an article that provides a few advises on how to choose a Psychic reader.

In gratitude.