Transformation Through Reiki

It's been a while I have noticed how Reiki has a subtle transformation force. I recently had the opportunity to witness another great transformation almost under my eyes.

I already wrote in the recent past about the transformative step manifesting once a person takes up a Reiki Class. This transformation sometimes occurs instantaneously and sometimes a few days after the conclusion of the class. It always refers to certain types of manifestations: boost in energy, boost in positive thinking, awareness of god consciousness, awareness of Oneness...or opening up of kundalini, realisation of a pattern of behaviour etc...

During a recent Reiki I class a few more experiences showed up. A volunteer for receiving a Reiki treatment from my student, actually realised how much anger and frustration seemed to float around and was quite impressed by the feeling received from the treatment. A few days later this person called and thank me for the opportunity of receiving the treatment and asked for more! When someone tells you "you convinced me" while you were not looking at convincing anyone, especially a  very rational "seeing is believing" type of person, something else was at play there. The Reiki spirit. and the invaluable strength. During another volunteering session, a few healing synchronicities occurred during the treatment between the student and the receiver which gave us another opportunity to discuss how intuition, intent and energy healing often match. One a specific area of the body the person was feeling nausea while the student giving the treatment started to feel nauseated while treating the exact same area. Interestingly none of them interrupted the treatment and actually waited for the follow-up discussion to explain what took place.

The student is now experiencing a boost of energy and positive thinking and will soon take up the second degree Reiki II.
A small synchronicity also occurred a few weeks back. Healing Mudras had distributed voucher for free treatments on the occasion of public event. A few days later a registration for a Reiki Class was received subsequently followed by the person taking the class. The second day of the class, this person told me having won a voucher for a free treatment by Healing Mudras! We really loved this synchronicity!

In gratitude.