Reiki for Those Who Never Heard About It

A few days ago, the following experience proofed one more time that when Reiki calls, the call is located, applied, received, and distilled. I cannot remember ever having given Reiki to someone who did not even have heard about it. I even thought that by now at least a person could have heard about Reiki Healing even if not interested or needing treatments. In a way or another and even in far remote areas the persons who I may have given a Reiki treatment had at least heard about it.

Last week I gave a treatment to a lady who had never heard about Reiki, and never received a treatment either. She called asking about making use of a free voucher she won at a local charity market where I had indeed distributed Free Treatment vouchers as lottery prizes. She asked to be booked for a massage to which I kindly explain that Healing Mudras is not offering massages but Healing treatments and she probably looked forward to receiving one of them. After agreeing on a date and time, I pondered how the person would be introduced to Reiki and receive the treatment. My curiosity and fascination for letting Reiki find the solution got rewarded one more time.

My client arrived in time and with a bright happy smile on her face. She was indeed very lovely and explained to me that in case she wold fall asleep I had to wake her up because she had a lunch appointment with her husband and office colleagues. Still laughing and smiling she also acknowledged that she probably would be a very easy patient for me as she does not suffer from any ailments, is quite happy in her life which manifests with a constant bright smile on her face and does not live in stress.

She eventually made my laugh as well and I was still smiling when i started the treatment. Happy indeed to have a happy patient to take care of. Giving her a treatment was like sowing silk, smooth and peaceful indeed as the gentle trust she gave me in allowing to give her a treatment. Once she turned on her back, my hands got very warm and could just not move away from the spinal cord. I continued the treatment and finished with great Karuna Reiki send off in Aum fashion and Nepalese singing bowls.

Before she left, we talked a bit as I wanted to get from her a sense of her first ever impression on a Reiki treatment. What she told me was " the smoothest and warmest ever touch of hands she ever got from a therapist"/ That was humbly received as a compliment. As i enquired about her doing physical exercise or receiving massages, she immediately told me how I had found out about her back problem as she cold feel that my hands were 'stuck' on her back. You are very skilled lady she said smiling again and left me with a sense of contentment as I closed the gate behind her.

Her car had not come to pick her up and she just walk away, happy as ever! She certainly gave a good tone to my week of treatments!

In gratitude.