Reiki & The Aliveness of Wood

Today I'd like to reward you with a short story on how Reiki keeps wood alive. A few months ago when we moved into our house, I visited the carpenter and ordered 3 tables which I designed for him. One is a quite large desk table and two are long side tables one of each for a Healing Center in the annex of the house.

They all are made of hard wood and look pretty and perfect. they were all made of the same wood at the same time. They now all are located in three different areas of the house. The desk is obviously the computer desk. One large high side table is in the empty meditation and multi-purpose room and the other in the Reiki Healing studio.

At the time they were build it was rainy season and by the time I am writing we have not had rain for the past 3 months. And this is what happened to our tables. The desk is made of 4 large sheets of wood and is now cut in the middle by a long think gap as the wood shrunk in the dryness of the dry season. The large side table in the multi-purpose healing and meditation room also looks as thought eh wood is starting the crack in the middle. Still not as big as by the desk but apparent enough to make me quickly double-check the high large side table in the Reiki Healing room. Surprise? Not really I'd say fascinated as that high side table looks pretty much the same as the day we bought it. The woods is soft and shiny and not a single sign of cracking!

Reiki has kep the wood alive and smooth and humid. The Healing Room has an amethyst ball rolling on water, and has been living in Reiki energy since august 2010. The other room started to be clean up much later and is only now part of the healing center. For sure I am treating myself in that room now, and am aiming at restoring the cracks in the wood with the strength of healing. Some crystals and meditation will assist in the process.

We will watch over the process evolving in the next few months as the weather will get warmer before returning  to hot humid rainy season. We will keep you updated.

In gratitude.