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Yes, quantum quantum quantum... You daily intake in any quantity, without moderation. Actually, the more the better. Now Synchronicity is a blog that we love, managed by professional writers whom we love also.Our encounter is virtual and dates back about 12 months ago and since then we correspond and continue to meet in the networked matrix of Internet. One day we will meet in person. Sure. No exception. Trish and Rob McGregor, whose book 'Synchronicity' is available as one of our top reading recommendations, have agreed for us to re-post a recent blog post of them "quantum entanglement'.

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“Entangled particles are somewhat like twins still joined by an umbilical cord which can be light years across,” wrote Michio Kaku in Parallel Worlds: A Journey Through Creation, Higher Dimensions, and The Future of the Cosmos. “What happens to one member automatically affects the other, and hence, knowledge concerning one particle can instantly reveal knowledge about its pair.” Even if the particles become separated, one particle always knows what the other is doing. Pretty cool, right?  Well, even cooler is that according to an article in Science News, new research that indicates birds may use quantum entanglement to navigate.

Many animals use the minute fluctuations in the Earth’s magnetic field  to get to where they want to go – salmon, sea turtles, lobsters, honeybees, fruit flies. But migratory birds –silvereyes, garden warblers, and European robins - have been studied the most when it comes to this ability. Their avian eyes are lined with a signaling protein, cryptochrome, and it may be that the magnetic fields disrupt pairs of entangled electrons in this light-sensitive protein.

Back in 2006, an experiment conducted in Frankfort, Germany indicated the possibility of a quantum basis for magnetic navigation in migrating birds. Researchers caught a dozen robins that were migrating from Sweden, put them in a wooden room, and “applied small magnetic fields tuned to a frequency that would disturb entangled electrons,” if that was what the birds depended on to navigate.

If. So many scientific theories are predicated on that one word.  Researchers realized that just in case birds actually used an entanglement-based navigation system, then its absence might create a big problem for them. To compensate for that possibility, researchers used a magnetic field that was 300 times weaker than that of the planet, not strong enough to confuse them. But even with a greatly weakened magnetic field, the birds flew around randomly instead of in the same direction.

Recently, physicists at the University of Oxford and the National University of Singapore, took a closer look at the Frankford experiment. They “calculated that quantum entanglement in a bird’s eye could last more than 100 microseconds – longer than the 80 microseconds achieved in physicists’ experiments at temperatures just above absolute zero,” said Elisabeth Rieper, a biophysicist at the Singapore university.

So here’s how it would work. Bird is flying along. Light hits the bird’s eye and the cryptochrome, which kicks out one of the electrons.  The booted electron careens beneath the influence of the earth’s magnetic field, and the protein-bound electron feels that and  the magnetic pull from the rest of the molecule. Quantum entanglement, however, keeps the two electrons linked, so that each knows what the other is doing,  right? “The difference in how the two electrons wobble creates patterns on the retina that the bird can use as a compass.”

Given the recent mass deaths of red-winged blackbirds, starlings, doves,  and other types of birds, keep in mind that all birds have this protein in their eyes.

Now add this fact to the mystery. As reported in physorg.com on January 10, the Tampa International Airport began changing the alignments of its runways to reflect the movement in the magnetic north pole. The primary runway had been designated 18R/36L, which means “the runway is aligned along 180 degrees from north (that is, due south) when approached from the north and 360 degrees from north when approached from the south.”  The FAA has requested that the designation be changed to 19R/1L to reflect the movement of the magnetic north pole. In all, more than 100 sign panels and 40 signs will have to be changed, along with the painted signs on runways.

Right now, the magnetic north pole is headed toward Russia from its current position in Canada. According to a recent article in National Geographic, the magnetic north pole is moving at a fairly swift clip – 25 miles a year. Over the past century, it has moved 685 miles west. Joe Stoner (how’s that for a name!), a paleomagnetist at Oregon State University,says  it could move to Siberia within the next half century. “It's moving really fast. We're seeing something that hasn't happened for at least 500 years."

Edgar Cayce and other psychics and visionaries over the years have talked about a pole shift, where the magnetic north and south poles reverse. Stoner says this flip-flop last happened about 780,000 years ago and that such reversals have taken place 400 times in the last 330 million years. He says that each reversal takes about a thousand years to complete and that the flip-flop isn’t what’s happening now.

But could this magnetic north pole movement possibly be responsible for the thousands of dead birds that have occurred worldwide in the last two weeks? Could it possibly explain the dead fish. Maybe so.

From an article in the Daily Mail UK: “Another theory is that the rapid movement of the Magnetic North Pole towards Russia may have affected the birds' innate navigation systems. Inbuilt navigation systems in birds and fish is believed to be affected by magnetism. Scientists have said the Magnetic North Pole is shifting at an average of around 25 miles a year. With birds and fish relying on it to travel to breeding grounds and warmed climes, there are fears that the shifting pole could be confusing the animals, which means they do not migrate in time to avoid cold weather. Tests are being carried out on the dead birds and fish, but results are not expected for several weeks.”

Then there are the esoteric explanations, which are as interesting as the scientific explanations. Take a look at the comments under our post Blackbirds, Blackbirds. One common theme is that these mass deaths may have been, in part, addressing the recent events in Tucson, Arizona.

We live in strange and interesting times.

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