Neptune in Pisces

It seems an interest in the entrance of Neptune into Pisces early this year attracts a lot of visitors to  my blog. So i have decided to re-post something about this major Outer planet entering the sign it rules.

From the onset it is easy to guess that the entrance of Neptune into Pisces will bring an upsurge in the rise of spiritual awakening. Pisces is a spiritual sign, basically THE spiritual of the zodiac (sorry folks, we are Pisces and we love it besides the fact that this is the main characteristic of Pisces), Neptune is also the God of Water and, the downside could manifest with a rise in water level in the physical plane. When Pluto and Uranus are at odds, with one dancing in Capricorn squaring the other browsing through Aries and giving the odds some kind of rough angles, the entrance of Neptune in Pisces will smooth the corners and give a very well needed rise of higher consciousness a good kick into the 4th and 5th dimensions. In other words it will put out some fire. So a blessing, the entrance of Neptune in Pisces. For Pisces it means that hopefully they have learn something from the transit of Neptune in to Aquarius and will use the lessons to put them into practice while Neptune is in Pisces.

The times ahead are powerful and the whole year 2011 will bring about few changes that are significant.these changes will mean no return and no going back.

Neptune will enter Pisces in April 2011 and if you think Harry Potter is around the corner, and knocks at your door. Let him in! Neptune in Pisces is an analogy with great floods, fading out of borders, connections on higher planes. Let's see sooner than later... It is about time something good happens.

in gratitude.