Happy Year Ahead...

... and if you are a Pisces or in any way have major planets in Pisces and Aries... you are in for a good drive... wasn't it time? We say yes and we also love the New Moon and the conjunction with Solar Eclipse and acceleration of Jupiter in late Pisces before moving into Aries and, finally the final conjunction of Jupiter with Uranus in Pisces... Hope I did not forget any important aspects in here.... If I did you can read further here.
We also love Sher Astrological  and you can find the January Newsletter here

Just now we read this article on the Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse ... read it ! It is worth exploring the connections here

And I got a big news: it sounds as though Japan publishing company is looking at publishing my e-Book on Shift of Consciousness.... Hourray!

Happy New Year to all my beautiful co-creators...