Crystals. Healing, Quantum Entanglement [Part 2]

We watched 'Contact'  (we're a bit late, but better late than never eh) and started to ponder and become impatient about change to occur. We would love to have contacts here and now and we also feel that every night, while maybe just a few hours pass in sleep, we actually go and travel much longer hours in other realms.

This is fascinating and explores the power of the brain, the connections and our existence on Earth from a universal perspective. We would love to experience Jodie Foster's time travel reality. We certainly would love to.

As we will turn 50 is just about 40 days from now, we will continue our bucket list of present and future thoughts and experience to unfold. We believe the quantum matrix is full of opportunities and every second we can have a call to transform the reality. What we are aiming for right now is the mutation of collective consciousness so that around us our vibrations of earth- and universal-friendly attitude can spread and entangle all forms of live. We are eager to see the mainstream consciousness give space to dream-time-realities such as some of those described in Avatar.

Yet for our world to reach a state of harmonious balance a lot more hard-work is needed. A lot more letting go of ego and material consumerism is to be left alone, a lot more of hatred is also instantly required. So here's a list of another #25 items we work on ...

#26: Forgive and release all those that may have come your way to give a learning message, then move on;
#27: Let go more of ego and identify those flaws that may delay the enlightenment you look for;
#28: Allow yourself to discover new ideas and new ways of thinking and playing and learn new messages;
#29: Be gentle with yourself and trust you did it all for reaching here and now;
#30: Believe there are 50 more years to come and plenty more beautiful things to do, the past 50 were only a rehearsal for blossoming new seeds;
#31: Follow only ideas that will manifest what you wish, leave the rest to those who want to manifest other ideas,
#32: Healing is in great demand and will be in even greater demand, keep the tracks open and let it happen;
#33: The void exists, you can fill it in with all which you desire
#34: It's all about love, so let love come in and manifest love in all your being;
#35: Affirm you are an artist in life and your art is your essence; believe it and bring your crystals with you;
#36: Neptune enters Pisces on April 2011, all Pisces qualities will be enhanced, water will inundate structures and intuition will flow freely, as a Pisces let your essence be, all over, affirm it;
#37: Believe all is happening is positive and be with it, fully in vibrational connection;
#38: Continue to be who you are, you will attract people and friends who are in vibrational tune with you,
#39: Look for new friends who can open higher vibrational frequencies, stay with those;
#40: Explore 4D and 5D, contrasts serve only to determine your own essence;
#41: You are Eternal and let it be, Sometimes it is necessary to step down to the 2D and 3D to interact with those chores that belong to that reality. Little by little they also will fade;
#42: All that you have done so far, all places you visited so far are part of you, now make them visible and distill all you know so far;
#43: From Now on, I want only bliss, more and more and more;
#44: Here and now is what matters;
#45: Only feel obliged to do which that you desire, for bliss not for duty;
#46: Believe Law of Attraction is your ally and let the quantum matrix take care of the rest;
#47: It is very important that from now on your attention is on a larger version of you;
#48: Neptune will help you manifest your desires;
#49: You are a vibrational match to what you asked for;
#50: Finally as you turn 50, only matters what brings you higher, and into a realm of bliss, and when you firmly believe that your vortex is made of all you desires, make sure you always opt for desires that will continue to make you move higher in vibrational frequencies.... Smile , it is only a matter of figures nothing else.

As a child I once read a statement by Richard Bach: You are free to chose your past, your present your future. You are free to tell your own story of your past. You are also free to delete the pages and start anew. This statement remained with me for a long time and as I walked out of a long tunnel of darkness and confusion. Now that i have repaired the loose ends, I allow myself to only look at the present and the future in bliss, joy and adventure. I firmly believe we borrow our Earth from our children, hence I have a new mission, make it a better place from my daughter to live in peace.

In gratitude