Crystals, Healing, Quantum Entanglement

Positive Thinking is major at the moment. In the midst of Earth-chaos, it is of good attitude to shift to positive thinking right away; meaning here and now. This is an old time Zen Buddhist statement that has taken a good leap forward and become a global message. We love that. As we are turning 50 in just about 50 days, we thought it would be so cool to make a list of 50 things or thoughts to use, adopt or simply double-check that we are really on that track. These thoughts are a step-by-step daily meditation until March10th.  We would like to thank Mark Meurs of Living in the Light for kindly sharing one of his picture with us.

#1: Know your essence
#2: Align with your own essence
#3: Be happy of that alignment and cultivate it
#4: Continue create your vortex in line with your essence
#5: Embrace intentions at Zero Point, use them in large quantity to establish your essence firmer on this vortex
#6:Up until now you have lived in the world and many countries, now live with those countries within you and blossom the richness
#7: Your richness and your inner abundance is overflowing with love and you attract love all around
#8: My daughter is my best ally, make that alliance happen in unlimited quantities
#9: The past lays forever, the present is the future and it is abundant
#10: Each day is One day in life, make it the best day
#11: Love it when people say thank you, be grateful in anticipation
#12: Everything is possible everyday, always talk positively
#13: Use only positive action word and expression, discard doubts and clouds
#14: Follow your bliss every second of your day
#15: Give your daughter space and attention, teach her respect, patience, integrity and love as key values 
#16: As a healer cultivate listening skills
#17: Eradicate all limiting beliefs
#18:The quantum matrix offers un-limited possibilities, every second, take the leap
#19: Trust your intuition and sharpen it, it is your ally
#20: What you feel is what your get, if something feels weird, leave it alone don't fix it
#21: The past lays forever, the present is alive and the present is the future
#22: Continue to be creative
#23: Smile and it will smile at you
#24: Feel the gratitude for all the beautiful places you have visited in your life and trust more will come
#25: It is fine to be you with all your beauty and richness

Here are the first 25 steps. Remaining 25 on their way

In gratitude