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Headline of the day:

* Groundbreaking research announces that Reiki treatments can be measured and that it now a fact that Reiki Healing is an effective healing technique. From the International Center for Reiki Training we receive updated information that the Touchstone Process  The Touchstone Process is a compilation of rigorous peer reviews performed with impartial and consistent process. William rand is the founder and Director of the ICRT and a senior Reiki Master Teacher. He also was part of a group of Reiki Master who studied and researched the origins of Reiki up to its contemporary roots in Japan. The same group explored the way Reiki energy works and came together to further develop teachings which manifested into Karuna (R) Reiki.

Reiki is a healing energy technique based on Life energy and which by generating calm and relaxation ere-establishes balance in the physical, emotional and metaphysical plane of life.
We at Healing Mudras News Desk are particularly pleased of this news!

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