Reiki & Consciousness - What You Actually Get is Much More Than What You See!

Healing is circular and certainly isn't linear. Reiki healing falls in the same category. A student of mine was extremely open minded and determined to learn Reiki almost I would say on the fast track. Reiki helped her finding her pace during the course. She did very well and her feedback on the course was fabulous. Amongst most lessons learned here is what I considered the most valuable. As she explained the process with which she came to Reiki  and her journey into the course she started to point out to the fact of how the immediate effect Reiki had on her was to open widely her perception of the spiritual world which she initially considered anchored only around a 'god'. The small case for the word 'god' comes from the fact that in her previous perception god was only  most probably a virtual person with whom she could have a one-on-one relation and expressing a god-consciousness on a spiral between here and there. With Reiki she was learning that god is everywhere, in matter and in non-matter, in the energy field and in the consciousness of energy field. The discovery not only put a bright smile on her soul but also made her realise how full this 'fluffy thing ' of the energy actually is and found herself explaining to her teenage child that the transparent air that is around us is actually full of energy and flying particles. What you see is not necessarily what you get but much more!

The energy field is actually matter and is the result of god-consciousness. This was her journey to discover and it made me fabulously happy and humbled to be part of the journey of my student. Thank you to have met me and given me the opportunity to be there when you enlighten your life.

For me the energy is universal consciousness as I do put any label or name tags on the consciousness. We are one in consciousness!

In gratitude