New Year's Resolutions

Time of the year again for self-evaluation. Those who conduct this regularly and those who take a glimpse at maybe start reaching the thinking stage of doing it. Here what we think is a good list of keywords resolutions for the Year 2011.

#1:  Go GREEN and eliminate plastic systematically.. SAY NO TO PLASTIC BAGS - carry a bag with you for your groceries and shopping items;
#2: Go GREEN and eliminate the use of plastic bottles systematically... SAY NO TO PLASTIC BOTTLES - Just do not buy them... for any reasons.- It takes 150 years to destroy plastic.....
#3: Become a Vegetarian; It takes far too much energy to produce meat and fish products and the earth needs us to save energy;
#4: Read Labels of food products and eliminate intake of Mono Sodium Glutamate, Flavouring and Palm Oil; start a healthy diet habit;
#5: Start being more ZEN in all you do, think and act; Chose your words, your thoughts and your action towards simplicity;
#6: Start MEDITATION a bit every day and a lot when you can; Meditation enhances concentration and mindfulness is a protective against negative influences;
#7: WALK when you can, CYCLE when it is possible and limit the use of petrol-based transportation: Carbon foot print is not only for airplanes!
#8: Start your day with a lovely thought...GET POSITIVE Here and Now
#9: Review your VOCABULARY and use only positive action verbs;
#10: Believe you can FLY.... You never know it can actually be true....

In gratitude