Healing News - DNA Reprogramming

DNA re-programming, changing habits and patterns in other words re-designing the default programme of attitudes, thoughts and manifestations is possible. In her series of publications Essence, Frequency, DNA amongst others, Kishori Aird explains how at zero point (translated as magnetic zero point) the force of intention acts as a powerful arrow towards manifesting exactly what is wanted.

In discovering our own essence and expressing individuality we are able to navigate through the quantum network of self-realisation and more, navigate at the interstitial plane between the physical and the etherical body. We posted something about Essence a few weeks ago and here we give you an example of what an intention at zero point is.

Tip of the day: Integrate Zero Point in your Saturday evening. I choose to have friends coming over for dinner, while I remain alert about possible over-indulgence.

In gratitude.