Celebrations for the Chakras

Christmas for the chakras is about the interconnection between the inner self and the outer reality where Christmas celebrations have replaced traditional pagan festivities. On December 25th the celebration is the for the root chakra with presents, gifts and material assets. December 26 is dedicated to the second chakra related to family, sexuality, and health.

On December 27 the celebration will be for the third chakra with all the concerns about professional life, and how the new year will be handled. On December 28 the fourth chakra will beat us at its own rhythm with spirituality and our connection with the sky, the earth and the universe. The fifth chakra will get its share of celebration on December 29 when we will start pondering about the year to come and how we will co-create our own reality. At the same time we will send a close look at our endeavours of the current year.
December 30th is the for sixth chakra and it will give us a time to evaluate our spiritual life and how we will manage our relationships in the future when the invisible part of life will become manifest. On the 31st the seventh chakra will bring the evaluation that occurred at the sixth chakra a step further and we will summarize everything that occurred in the past year and will help us develop better resolutions for the year ahead!
In a nutshell the time-frame between the 25th and the 31st of December is a time for looking into the inner self and this process is natural. It seems though that some additional process has been overlapping the course of nature and take over some ego-centered considerations such as consumerism.
On January 1st there will be happiness as the introspection is completed and found some sort of peace. On January 1st hope is always at its peak on good things to happen in the new year.

In other words you can fireworks within yourself by looking at how you spent the s closing down on you and how you will open up to the new year and bring better harmony in your life. You will also be able to clean up the mental weirdness and the clutter and allegedly initiate the year with great enthusiasm. Children feel the vibrations of the new year and it is a good habit to teach them to make that inner self introspection and teach them as well to make good resolutions for the new year ahead.

In gratitude