Living In Reiki Wisdom

AS we are about to have a full Reiki week of teachings, today we feel compounded to share an e-Book we found a few years. It is published by James Deacon, and is available on his website

" Reiki Flesh,Reiki Bones. Observations on the Adventure that is our 'Journey with Reiki' is a fabulous writing on the simplicity that is within Reiki and provides statements on how life with Reiki is just unfolding in a alert yet calm way. Hereafter the statements. 

The Wise Reiki Student ( of Reiki) 

# Perceives that Reiki is a blessing, an instantaneously conferred 'Sacred Potential' - for Healing, Protection and Spiritual Development...

# Realises that the Path of Reiki is not for everyone - for many, their Path leads elsewhere

# Knows the true meaning of 'Initiation' - that to initiate some one or thing is simply to set a process in motion

# Understands that receiving a Reiki Attunement/Initiation does not make an individual a Reiki Practitioner, it simply makes them someone who has received a Reiki Attunement/Initiation.To be a Reiki Practitioner requires Training, and Practice…

#Understands that receiving master-level Reiki Attunement/Initiation does not make an individual a Reiki 'Master' - but is simply the first step in their journey towards Reiki 'Mastery'

#Perceives that, in providing treatment, where the Practitioner places their hands is less important than where they 'place' their head

#Realises that in Reiki, the concept of ‘nen’ (mindfulness) is very important. Not so much in the sense of being mindful of what you are doing, as being mindful that 'you' are not doing the 'doing' - Reiki is

#Is ever aware that, in providing treatment, the Practitioner's primary function is simply to be a 'clear channel' for the Reiki Phenomenon

#Remains compassionately 'detached from outcomes'

#Overrides the desire of the conscious mind to interfere in the therapeutic process, and instead, simply lets the Reiki Phenomenon 'happen'.

#Sees that Reiki wisdoms are often contradictory - yet nonetheless wisdoms

#Perceives that healing is frequently more effective when entered into consciously by the client

#Knows that often, healing is more about the journey than the destination

#Understands the therapeutic power of Gratitude

#Perceives that, sometimes, the best treatment that we can offer is actually to offer no treatment at all...

#Understands that, sometimes, much as we feel we are in need of healing, our best interests are served by living through the experience of unwellness / dis-ease, rather than attempting to 'heal it all away'

#Knows that even within Reiki, there can be conflict

#Holds the four Usui Reiki symbols to be sacred - though not necessarily something to be kept secret

# Understands that rather than representing (or connecting us to) imagined separate 'energies' within Reiki, the symbols are sacred tools enabling us to interact in very specific ways with the singular, energetic-unity that is Reiki

#Perceives that, contrary to what many would have us believe, the four Usui Reiki symbols do indeed hold their own inherent power, significance and integrity - above and beyond that consciously (and often misguidedly) assigned to them by those who claim to 'know'

# Sees that, just as we tune in a Radio to a particular station, so, via Reiki Attunement, we are tuned in to the 'spiritual frequency' that is Reiki And, on having been tuned in to the Reiki frequency (just as we would do, having tuned in the radio to the desired station) - we simply need to listen…

#Considers the timeliness and appropriateness of 'intervening-with-Reiki' in any given situation

#Learns to facilitate healing using the hands, the eyes, the breath,the Principles - but also, using the Heart

#Is ever aware that Reiki is about Compassion, not Power

#Realises that Reiki is Compassion. That where there is no compassion, 'energy' may flow, but it is not Reiki

#Understands what it means to "hold the Healing Space"

#Perceives that Reiki is an enabling power

#Is mindful that all healing is self-healing. With Reiki we can heal ourselves; in treating others we are simply facilitators - enabling &empowering them to heal themselves with Reiki

#Is well aware that, frequently, a Reiki treatment does nothing more than elicit the 'relaxation response' within the client, because frequently, the client requires nothing more than to un-wind, unworry, breathe freely and calmly, and surrender to their own amazing inherent powers of self-healing.

#Realises that, in performing Distant Treatment for others, we do not actually 'send' Reiki anywhere - that we are simply facilitating the other person's temporary entry into a state of awareness (conscious or otherwise) in which they can more easily invite in the Reiki Phenomenon to assist them in their own self-healing

# Understands that sometimes, though people may say they wish to be healed, deep down inside they are afraid to let go of their illness - because they are afraid of the changes doing so would bring

#Perceives that Reiki will not heal a person of anything they do not wish to be healed of

# Is well aware that 'Reiki History' is mutable - and open to endless reinterpretation

# Knows that entering into a teacher-student relationship is not something to be done lightly

# Understands that one cannot give what one does not have - one cannot teach what one does not truly understand

# Perceives that, in accepting a student of their own, they are making a commitment - and taking on a great responsibility

# Knows that a student must earn the respect of his teacher, a teacher must earn the respect of his student. Respect must grow into trust

# Perceives that Reiki keeps its own secrets - often hides them in plain sight

# Understands that in the final analysis, there is no such thing as a Reiki 'Master' - only a person who has achieved the ability to surrender on a regular basis to the phenomenon that we call Reiki

#Is aware that Reiki is about more than just 'energy'

#Is aware that, in speaking of Reiki as 'energy', we are actually speaking metaphorically, not literally

# Realises that 'Being Reiki' is simple - it's just that it can take a lifetime to achieve that particular level of simplicity

In gratitude