Time Travels and 2012

Time Travelling and 2012  are closely related. We are starting to see the preliminary events about these connections and most probably have not yet seen any major of them yet. How to explain this is phenomena is till a bit sketchy for me so my apologies for the lack of structured writing. At least am trying yes?

This video of the National Geographic explains one side of time traveling

As I am about to start writing a short e-book on 2012 and beyond, I started some news research on the topic. The whole issues about 2012 aren't obviously about destruction and some kind of 2012 Film scenarios, although some destruction will occur as it occurred in the past and is occurring in the present. We think that most likely if Mount Merapi had been in Iceland and blocking Air traffic, there would be ore talk about it. But Mount Merapi is in Indonesia and who cares! [We do!]

So imagine now leaving the 3D world of perspective and entering the 4D and 5D dimensions. To enter that world you need first to leave your ego in the past, open your heart, let it go on many issues and learn to live in the present. Then you will enter 4D and be able to visit a world of synchronicity where event will unfold in your life as though you will not be able to segment it from dream - reality - consciousness - past, present and future. You get a sense of living many realities at the same time. Time travelling then? I am exploring.

When we live without filters and are open to our essence we may indeed meet new realities. So now imagine one type of scenarios.
You wake up from a good night sleep to find out you actually met your dead uncle and had a conversation with him in your own house. Then you drop your daughter to school and everything seems fine. Then you go home travel time and when giving or receiving a healing treatment you actually leave this plane just to re0integrate it at 5pm when it is time to pick up your daughter from school.  Then you go shopping in town and meet someone you met 20 years ago in the same place and the same time and you wonder indeed what type of synchronicity is occurring for you. Is this time travel?

In gratitude