Name & Number Synchronicity

We love synchronicity and have posted or contributed to Synchronicity Blogs on the same topic. Here is another one.

Naa'ila as a female name is quite rare and the rarity is reinforced when written in its original form with an apostrophe. It is the name I chose for my daughter almost 8 years ago. I wanted a name that could be pronounced in the same way in most language ( so no"r" no "e" no 'th", etc.) I love the name immediately for its softness. and Naa'ila is a sweetheart. The name is rare although we met Naylah's in the West Indies, Nahila's in Arab States and Naila's in South Asia.

Arriving in Lao PDR from a long road I had promised my daughter to get again, a set of cats fro the large house we wold be renting. Upon arrival we had a few misfortunes with those felines coming our way (one was named Visak and got killed by a dog after 20 hours) another one was named shampoo and got killed by another cat (one of those real strong tom-cat) and another cat we had we didn't even have the time to give it a name as he fled away quite instantly. So we were left with no feline and a bitter feeling of what was going to happen next. Naa'ila's determination on having cats was quite adamant and she persisted. Picking her up at school one day i saw this advertisement for kitten to be given away and the pictures were quite sweet and obviously influenced my internal GPS towards the house located on the attached map of the ad. We went, we took 2 kitten, one female, one male. Both of them re-incarnations of the previous kitten by their look, fur colours and feel: One Visak beautiful prince of the domain and one Shampoo, adventurous and energetic princess with a bit of gypsy in her too.... Visak is an important name in the Buddhist calendar because it is the day the Buddha attained enlightenment usually celebrated at first full moon of May. and Shampoo is a name given by to the cat because she is mix of brown, red and white with spots all over. The first Visak kitten actually appeared to us at the steps of the temple where we attend Vipassana meditation every Saturday afternoons (yes my daughter also as a beginner). Naa'ila was quite upset by the death of the 2 kittens as she had never experienced nor seen death with her own eyes. So i taught her to speak to the cat's spirits and ask for good cats to over and stay with her she will promise to take good care of them! Now and then she asks me to speak to the spirits to ask for a few items too!

One kitten had remained at the family who was giving them away at the great contentment of Emma the school mate who was indeed reluctant to give them away in the first place. She attends the same school with my daughter and they frequently meet and exchange updates on the kittens. At Naa'ila's school there is a girl named Naila which is quite uncommon in the first place to have to unusual names in the same location at the same time. On Friday I was informed by my Naa'ila that the third kitten had been given away by Emma to Naila. Isn't that something! I want to find out now what is the name of that kitten! If it is the name of the third cat we had and which left us on the spot, then I will celebrate with fireworks!


Number clusters - Two's and Twenty's.

I am currently involved in a consultancy for an agriculture project. Some technical aspects to be reviewed.
The sequence of clusters I am about to unfold is quite impressive.Here it goes.
The project was agreed/signed on 20 February 2010 and will run through 20 October 2011= 20 months
It has a budget of 220,000 Euros to improve Rice Production to 20,000 Tons for 20 Rice Mills, covered by 20,000 farmers in 20 months.

On another note, when i visit of the offices i am given a visitor pass: each time the pass has either the number 11 or 22....amongst many passes available i am always given the same one!

Now shall i wish for a triple digit 2's figure as a total fee for the consultancy!! Maybe I should ask the Universe for my own sequence of two's too!

In gratitude