Non-Attentive Alertness

Experiences from life, structural changes, networking, disasters, economic global downturn, end of times, wars, conflicts sometimes at your door step and many more events that you may reasonably attract, maintain or refute in your life at any given time, as part of the reality you live in.
I will elaborate step by step on the concept that I like to call: non-attentive alertness.
A way of focusing on that which you desire, without falling into denial, or ostrich theory of I don't know, I can't hear, I can't say anything.
Wanting the more, the better in quality and quantity is human. What is also human is the power of negativity that exists within all human beings. Being able to live at zero point, is being able to harmonize the positive poles of experience with the negative poles of experience and live through as though your focus of positive is a result of the integration of the negative or let's use the term weaknesses.
Non-attentive alertness is based on this principle of co-existence. The + with the - and the focus remaining the positive goal.
Let's take a simple example:
Riots at your doorstep. You can choose many scenarios: - fuel the riots physically - fuel the riots, with your thoughts by arguing how right or wrong the riots are - fuel the riots with your emotions (jumping up and down as being scared or on the contrary jumping of contentment when the side your team up with seems to be leading) - fuel the riots by following all the events and continuously arguing about them.
On the other hand you can choose other scenarios: not fueling the riots and ignore them (it has nothing to do with me, yes but they are at your doorstep!) - not fueling the riots by developing thoughts of patience and peace (you stay quiet and wait for the riots to end) - not fueling the riots by totally ignoring and even denying there are any riots outside (and since you don't anybody involved you feel your mental karma is safe as well) - not fueling the riots, waiting for a solution while remaining alerted on developments.
The last option is non-attentive alertness. You remain informed of the situation while not fueling it with thoughts or even emotions. The monk attitude, the Zen monk attitude.
If a friend of yours call and say how distress he or she is because of the riots: you can opt to answer that since you can do anything for it just stay quiet and wait and develop non-attentive alertness.
Applied to negative and disruptive world events, this attitude will help you stay focus on that which you desire, and assuming that is a positive event enables you to walk through events with the least resistance. The least resistance is the cornerstone of the attitude.

Let it go. Non -attentive alertness will keep you focused while maintaining a healthy attitude of remaining informed of what is happening. This also may guide you to take a multiple effect attitude of devoting your time to POSITIVE events.
Every negative event that occurs could give you a kick to develop a positive attitude.
What are your experiences on this: meditation, positive thinking, shift of focus, etc....
In gratitude