Hypothalamus & Healing

The hypothalamus is a very important and yet complex organ of the human brain. It facilitates the functioning of the endocrine system, organs and respective behaviours.

Often considered for its regulatory functions, the hypothalamus is also a central hot-spot of connection between all chakras and the soul. Could it be that it also regulates a broader spectrum of connections and act as the seat of our souls as Gary Zukav suggested, that by tuning into a spiritual pool of dimensions our lifes would be meant to be live fully and bliss-fully?

In Asian traditions and in particular Yoga traditions there is a mudra called Khecari Mudra where through a typical reversed positioning of the tongue inside the mouth, it is possible to the gates to the spiritual connections residing deep inside our Central Soul. In other words it is possible to taste the nectar produced by the hypothalamus.

Simply try to position you tongue in a reversed direction inside your mouth (the tip of the tongue facing backwards inside your mouth) and touching the palate. Fix your gaze on the centre of your eyebrows and relax. Let imagines and feelings come to you and connect with your Central Soul.

In her book "Essence" , the third of a series on DNA re-programming, Kishori Aird, a multi-dimensional holitic practitioner, naturopath, tantra practitioner, reiki master, and researcher on quantum physics, presents groundbreaking principles of how by cleaning up the clutter accumulated in acquired default programmes through a few simple techniques of grounding ourselves at "zero point" we can re-programme our DNA and essentially live better.

The hypothalamus is the multi-directional connector between our Central Soul, our etherical body and the Source.Hence by practicing simple techniques of which the Ascension Meditation is part, it is possible to shed non-essential perceptions and heal our entire self, and the body-mind-universe connection.

A video of Illumiessence to beauty-fully illustrate our post today:

Healing involves the connection with the hypothalamus as this little gland the size of an almond, by for instance regulating our daily intake of light and darkness, is an essential vibrational connector to the Earth magnetic field. As this same magnetic field is interfered by solar storms and electromagnetic movements, our hypothalamus receives messages and transmits to our various bodies. I will not elaborate now on the magnetic changes. At the moment our recommendation is to develop alertness of  the activities of the Hypothalamus and the pineal gland and when receiving or giving healing treatment, ask the person to position his or her tongue gently touching the palate inside the mouth. It is a very relaxing position of the tongue. Tell the person that this position will enable a harmonic flow of energy between the mind and the body. Alternatively if the person is more experienced you could also ask her/him to position the tongue in reverse mode to deepen the effects.

At Reiki Master level, there is a technique called the Violet Breath Meditation which is taught as part of the Advanced Reiki Training (ART) technique. This meditation involves amongst other things touching the palate with the mouth as a closed circuit when giving initiations to other students.

Healing the body, the mind and the connection with the Universe, remember there is little we have to actually understand just let it go, renew your contract with your own Essence and ascend. As Kishori Aird explains it, and i will elaborate on her theory in other forthcoming posts, the era of personal growth is over. The era of conscious ascension is here and now.

In gratitude