Healing or Clairvoyant Dreams

In the past two days (or nights) two dreams have clearly set a new tone in my perception of the reality.

The first one involved a major event which left me me with a feeling of being like Harry Potter watching strange objects (and i mean houses, trucks, and cars) flying over my head. It took me over 3 hours and plus to distill the information received. The information contained referred to some major natural disaster or upheaval that had occurred somewhere in the world. A voice asked me if I ever had a doubt of it but i replied that what was important was to be safe and that now I would have a job to do to help people overcome pain.

 I picked a Tarot card from the Voyager Deck and the "divination" card came up!

The second dream, involved heavy flooding with some people getting stuck on top of a building (including myself) and suddenly the news arrived to us that the whole world forests were on fire and that we were safe. Two airlines pilots were with us and when I said I would give healing to the situation they asked me to put the airplane also in it because it saved their lives since that plane crashed without them because of being stuck in the flooding!

In both dreams, the activity unfolded peacefully and calmly with a beautiful feeling of always be in the right place and the right time.
In the second dream, I remember telling myself that people wold eventually finally understand that having their cars damaged by flooding is just not as important as being safe. And that pursuing a materialistic life is not useful anymore.

The dreaming activity for both dreams was quite intense leaving me with a heavy feeling of being tired which usually passes after an hour or so. A good Reiki treatment and this feeling that now accompanies me that I am safe and in a tunnel remains with me.

Moreover, I have one more time the intuition guidance that it is my best ally!

In gratitude