Become a buddha

A buddha is not a god, a saint, a super human or a supernatural being. A buddha is a person among us. A buddha is a person who simply has eliminated suffering. Not suffering in the world, rather suffering in his or her own life. A person who does not suffer and can't get angry anymore. A person who does not hate who can't get jealous, who does not nourish desires nor regrets. He or she does not feel sadness, anxiety or fear. This does not mean the person is passive or does not feel anything. It simply means a person with feelings bt who knows how to live with them without exaggerating, cultivating, or nurture them. A person whose negative feelings pass by ony to concentrate on the positive ones.

Feelings like joy, peacefulness, peace, laugh, harmony and love are pretty much alive in a buddha. But he or she does not cling to them, can stay calm inside and out and can cultivate positive feelings and even neutralise the negative ones. His or her body is always relaxed and serene. He or she does not have any stress nor tensions. He or she lives in peace, in joy, in harmony, laugh, and good mood. e or she has attained serenity. A buddha is a person who has attained serenity and who knows how to maintains it at any given time.

This is possible for anyone, women, men and children. It is possible to attain serenity and keep it at all times. It is a matter of how reactions are handled. The handling of emotions and reactions is linked to the past and the experiences accumulated. Eastern traditions explain that the conditioning of the past, present and future is called karma. Karma is translated as action. the present is conditioned by the past and the future is conditioned by the present. Hence, changing the present will influence the future. Consciousness and willingness, or consciousness and determination, are the strong points to articulate the influence to the future. To stay positive at any given time is a skill but also an attitude that will slowly guarantee that serenity will progressively become spontaneous. This means it is possible to build serenity which in turns means we can become a buddha, here and now.

To develop this attitude requires patience, practice, and willingness. If you accept to practice a new sport you could easily also consider practicing to become a buddha.

In gratitude