About Cold Pressed Organic Espresso

Today we add to our Natural Living habits some hints on a technique that has the advantage to be  healthy, contribute to fair trade, good for the earth, and good for inspiring your day. Its about Coffee.
Coffee receives a lot of attention because on the one hand it is said to create addiction and give your body a spur of energy otherwise available through other habits such as gym, walking etc..., but on the other hand it is also the most chemically spread commodity crop and hence does not carry good substances into the stream of your body energy flow. Moreover,the process of heating the coffee to make a good cup of it, releases into the water the oils and at the same time all the negative chemicals contained in the coffee.

The old coffee drinking traditions of South and Central America, of parts of Asia and Africa or elsewhere used to have access to good quality coffee. Today we can't say likewise for all the fertilizers put into a single crop. Moreover, think of all the large corporation involved in the not-so-fair trade of coffee trading as a commodity crop... Many reasons here to make a shift (one more shift)!

So what is the solution to continue to enjoy a good coffee ( good coffee in Italian terms means putting a good dose of passion into it, save the planet, and your health?

- Buy organic coffee;
- Buy Fair Trade Organic Coffee
- Learn ho to make Cold Dripped Espresso

If you cannot purchase the Cold Coffee Dripped Machine, there is a simple technique which you can simply use in your kitchen!

What you need:

- Organic Coffee;
- An empty Bottle (size does not matter; it all depends how much coffee you will need or drink)
- Drinking Water
- A Small filter (i.e. tea filter)
- A bit of patience to allow the process of mixing the coffee with water to occur inside the bottle.

Knowing you can leave the coffee in the fridge for as long as a week, you can easily start with an empty One Liter bottle and if you like your coffee strong ( which is recommended as then you only need one good cup) then a few spoons of coffee.

All you need to do, is to pour the coffee AS IS in the bottle. A recommended does for a One Liter Bottle is approximately 10 to 20 spoons of Coffee (coffee spoons not Soup spoons!)to fill approximately one fifth of the bottle.

When your bottle is filled with coffee with your desired quantity, fill the remaining with drinking water. then close the bottle and put into a cool place or the fridge. Location does not matter although the fridge is better.
the bottle can be kept for a week.Your first cup of cold dripped coffee will be ready after minimum 12 hours (overnight).Now pour a small cup or glass of this cold dripped coffee, sit down and enjoy the bliss-full healthy taste of coffee! Isn't it nice?Yes of course you will need to change a small habit there, drinking your coffee cold rather than hot. Knowing this is better for your health is YOUR MOTIVATION !

When empty, fill with water, mix it up and throw the coffee in your plants; they will shine and blossom like magic!
It is important to realise that Drinking Cold Coffee is as good as hot coffee, even better PLUS that is has good effect on your health. So, buy organic, drink cold dripped coffee and step into the Vortex to remain in there!

In gratitude!