Walking Through Illusion

There was a day looking into a mirror and seeing an illusion of a perfect world came as naturally as water from the Source. The same individual reached to the self-realisation that human kind is in constant evolution. Millennium old questions persist, haunt the mind and can generate life-changing decisions!
Where do principles of truth, trust, morality, betrayal, hatred, confusion, death and time, just to name a few, originate from? How do we know we are walking a path that will bring light and love to our life and prevent wrong-doings and unnecessary accessories of creating  bulky packages and odds that would just hinder our search for a good life? A spiritual journey is ongoing here and Betsy Otter Thompson, in her new book, Walking Through Illusion, very creatively, considers characters from Biblical stories and their real life experience in a context where she highlights the practical implications of their lives and makes them accessible to modern time. A contemporary spiritual journey in a creative yet realistic tone of dialogue between, Jesus, Matthew, Thomas and others. She made Jesus alive again but not in a religious sense. endowed with some miraculous and peculiar skills. Rather, by giving Jesus and all the characters a very concrete almost touchable profile, she explores everyday life questioning as a dialogue, an inner dialogue that could exist in any one's life at any given time. She reviews, twenty-three concepts of life from reform to complaints, to truths and identities, beliefs and morality and uses her intuition to attach  a concept to the most relevant biblical figure. 

Just imagine having Jesus in front of you and being able to ask him questions directly? Just imagine, the Bible re-written in modern times with a mobile phone on your side, Google search in other while listening to brainwave entrainment tunes? It felt like that to me when I opened the book and started to browse through the Q/A. At first I thought i was proof-reading a new version of new bible. Then i realised it actually is a very concrete and practical interpretation of some of the most fundamental questions that were raised by these individuals but presented to you directly, straightforwardly, with a purpose not to join a faith, but to re-read fundamentals answers to questions you certainly have attracted in your life at some point. No exception. Moreover, each chapter completes with a worksheet, and simple exercises aiming at guiding you in your own quest. Bravo Betsy! With Walking Through Illusion, you suggest, to make Jesus alive inside our own inner self a bit like the oriental tradition of seeing the Buddha in us! There is no such thing as self-realisation being brought from the outside. the process is and only is a process from within!. No exceptions! This is a unique look at the characters of the Bible inspiring an oriental interpretation of the struggles of their path.

In gratitude !