Peace Day Is Love Day

Today is Peace Day. So says the International Days Calendar. We think Peace Day is Every Day, and having worked in complex emergency countries we definitely know how much one day can make a difference in a lifetime. In Healing, a day of change is an additional day towards wellness . Peace is not only an absence of war, it is an attitude in life, a Yoga for the mind and the body. It is a holistic perception of oneness, of unity with the planets and the essence of love that lies at the core of the heart of a sentient being. Yes Peace is not only amongst people, it is in the whole Universe. The flowers, the thoughts, the seeds, the soil, the clouds, the water, and everything that surrounds us and makes us part of the wholeness.

Celebrate peace bearing in mind you are celebrating Life, Love, Pure Energy and Vibration. We produced this short clip to sing our vibration to the waves of the Autumn Equinox 2010. Tomorrow we will release our Autumn Equinox Healing Wave. If you want to be part of it, put on comment. Otherwise just be happy, be grateful and Live in Love.

In gratitude for your readership!