Inspiration for the day

Our two inspirations for the day 28 September 2010

 Organic dyed silk presented in a beautiful tray of bright colors. This lady called Nikhone has a small business of 50 employees. Twenty of them live in her backyard where she produces organic dyes for her silk factory.  Indigo, barks and other raw materials she collects from the Talat Sao (morning market)

Ganesh, little stone statue  bought in Ubud. I loved the fact that I wasn't aware of my intention to buy a Ganesh! Upon entering this Natural Foods shop as I saw some Colloidal Silver Water on the shelves, I looked up just above the entrance door and saw a shelve with the Ganesh. I asked the price and purchased it on the spot together with a few other items. Its been with us since, spreading good feelings in our new home environment.

In gratitude for all the bliss-full events coming our way since July 16 2010.