Healing Mudras & Quantum Ally

We get questions on why Healing Mudras is our name and logo and why the tile of the Blog comes up as Quantum Ally!

Our answer will be simple. Healing Mudras is the name of our practice because we are healers with 11 years experience in Usui Reiki Healing, and now also Karuna Reiki Healing. We also did a Reconnection Healing training with a Reconnection practitioner . So the basis of our practice is energy healing and all these and other energy healing practices involve playing with energy with the hands and the thoughts. Reiki and the Reconnection also involve hands-on or absent treatments. By playing with the energy in our hands one day we felt as though we really were holding a ball of energy in our hands and while playing with it we had a sensation of a ball rolling. then we learned the Lotus Mudra healing from a Tibetan monk which also starts with juggling energy in the hands and finishes up with the hands in the position of a Lotus Flower. The intuition was guiding us to our name: Healing and Energy healing is about movements ( mudras) of the hands with energy movements for the purpose of healing, hence the name: Healing Mudras: gestures of healing.

The Quantum Ally title for the blog is a natural consequence of Healing Mudras. A manifestation of what the actual activity of energy healing takes us to and serves its purpose: Diving into the quantum world to make it an ally of the intention and spontaneous healing possibility that we all have in us. When intentionally making quantum your ally, you are set for living in the vortex of your own creations at any given moment!

and as we love flying in quantum here a shot of the vortex of creation ( from theta healing)

In gratitude