This morning while reading the post by Synchronicity on Mercury Retrograde, I could not help but think of the funny events that unfolded at our house on Friday 20 August 2010, when Mercury was setting its slower pace into retrograde mood. Here the short story. 

On Friday 20, a visiting friend at our house had to place an urgent call to Jamaica which is 12 hrs behind time zone. She could not place the call from her first mobile, nor from her second one. She could hear them but not them. So I suggested she used my Skype account. As the WiFi decided not to work , I offered for her to use my Desktop. For some un-known reason my Skype account was scrambled up and I had to change password which took some time as even the new password token given by the Skype automated website did not work, and when finally she got to call them, my microphone decided to get weird! ( and still is)

I am puzzled because I have not touched anything to the WiFi which was working perfectly until Friday!
Now i am still waiting for the IPS to visit our house and fix this issue which I am gave up trying to solve.

Welcome mercury retrograde.
I love the awareness.