Synchronicities and Celestial Prophecies

Today we take a cruise on the The Celestine Prophecy as James Redfield explores the depth of intuition and various levels of insights. Even without being a psychic it is possible to make a regular practice to see auras and energy levels around persons or objects and this way sharpen vision, visualisation and also intuition.

There currently is an acceleration of events and the theories surrounding 2012 and beyond are all about the shift in consciousness which would unfold as a result of a better attention to causalities of Oneness between individuals, the Earth, the Universe as a whole. During these accelerated events. it is said that synchronicity tend to occur more often.

Do you have any take on this?

If you like to actively explore some synchronicity in your life, I also  recommend the Voyager Tarot a fascinating Tarot Deck I would call having 'futuristic synchro feel" as at least in our case, every time we pick a card, there is a deep connection and matching occurring. Co-creation? synchro? Vortex?

You name it. We love it.!
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In gratitude