See through Compassion

Compassion is a feeling from the heart. It has no filters. It is pure feeling of feeling love, unconditionally.
At the moment, Pakistan disastrous Floods have affected 17 Millions persons half of them women and children. This means that who was poor in the first place has completely lost whatever was already little, could be simply a roof or cooking utensils. Could be arable land, and years of crops, could be relatives, certainly is health and food security. In most cases, women and children bear the heaviest brunt of such disasters, but also knowing the traditional system in place in Pakistan in the regions affected, women and children are also vulnerable to losing dignity and respect.

It is of utmost importance right now, to shift, to shift thinking rationale, and to find ways to help. It could be via INGOs, Save the Children, Care, MSF, Medecins du Monde or ICRC, the Red Crescent Society and other partners of the UN in the field.

There also are hundreds of humanitarian workers in Pakistan right now needing support to work in an environment that is yes complex, and could be insecure and lacking minimal personal safety.

This is the perfect opportunity to understand what a shift of rational thinking is.Help Pakistan is helping 17 Millions poor and affected people to help themselves...Nothing else. 

Develop appreciation and read this article from Dan Toole, UNICEF Regional Director for South Asia who just returned from Pakistan Floods Assessment. Dan is a person who worked extensively only in Emergency contexts, and he says himself, what he has seen, is far more devastation than ever before, including Haiti.

We are sending Pakistan, its people and those helping the relief and response efforts  Healing Wave of Positive Energy

In gratitude.