Integrity, honesty and Intention

The definition of integrity  is in our view 'honesty with good intention'. There is a system of cause and effect attached to integrity which makes it a cycle rather than a linear causal relation. A system that is synchronised with the particles of the Universe. Attached to the law of karma is the fact that integrity is a good deed. Within healing, one could say that each healing is a good deed, a good thought, a good action, a good selfless interaction towards bringing peace and harmony into a sentient beings body, aura or life. The ego in itself is not harmful, it is the type of intention that is put into motion by using the ego as a purpose which widens the gap between integrity and karma. Using ego as a basis of intention will weaken integrity. A donation to a temple for the purpose of knowing that I will get a reward from it now or later is a good action in itself and dictated by integrity. However the second part of the intention to get a reward as a purpose weakens the links. Make a donation to a temple or give a healing treatment for the purpose of giving well-being, unconditionally and the well being of all. Through my actions somewhat is at play in the large bowl of the Universe. The concept of Oneness is more than just a concept it is a causal relations that we all share. The reward will come later in whatever shape or form at some point. It shouldn't be part of the intent.
Integrity is a fundamental aspect of healing. There is no trick, no lie, no hidden agenda, no gambling. Abundance of healing and pure channel of unconditional love is also the connection between between integrity and space. Put unconditional love into motion in all aspects of life and remain aware of how far or close the ego is from the intent, then you will be able to create an inner and outer space around you filled with clam, confidence and open consciousness. Unconditional actions, thoughts and emotions: the basic keys to integrity.
Here a Video from Auto Ayudo Espiritual (YouTube Channel) on counting the abundance within the Universe So there is little need to waste time on Ego intentions. 

In gratitude.