Healing The Move, Expatriating the Wisdom

The other day I was asked to write an article for a local magazine, here is the transcript.
The word healing may sound mysterious or sacred or just ‘mumbo jumbo’ and is also often opposed to curing. Healing is not mysterious rather natural, evolving and eco-friendly. It also is the corollary of a holistic approach to life, one that encompasses health, wellness and lifestyles. Healing is a process of re-balancing the energy flow between the mind and the body and reconnecting it to the inner wisdom existing at the very heart of the natural state of wellness of life. Energy is a frequency, a vibration, that can be measured likewise an ECG measures the heart beats and the frequencies keeping the heart doing its job. Healing is thus a re-attunement of the energy flow to the frequency that resonates with the ever-flowing stream of energy that exists i.e. wellness, joy, love, just as a radio taps into an already flowing energy when you tune in to 95FM.  Life is energy and that was pre-existing your own tuning in. When you tune in, you experience the energy flow. The same is true with healing energy. Regardless of how much knowledge you have on how it works, you can experience feeling better just by tuning in. Intention is important in healing as it fades away the resistances, allows positive energy to flow, opens the consciousness to natural ways and allows tapping into great abundance of positive energy. This defines healing as a natural and intentional re-attunement through lowering of resistance. So then, how to lower resistance? For instance by intentionally feeling good and focusing on that which we desire. The degree to which you can focus on what is wanted, health, a good house to live in, prosperity, good relationships, etc., is the degree to which they will manifest for you.  Conversely, the degree to which you focus on their lack or opposite will prevent their manifestation to the same degree.  It’s really very simple.  If it does not happen the way you wanted it may be that impatience of the result hampers the result itself, or that there is a mismatch between what you want and what is possible. This is the Law of Attraction, attracting what is called upon. This is perhaps the most fundamental and unwavering law of the Universe. Any kind of energy healing can only have lasting effects if the recipient allows them self to continue to resonate with the state of wellness generated. In concrete terms this means that emotions, intentions and beliefs are important elements facilitating or slowing down the process of healing and co-creation. The debate around this issue is being discussed by scientists and quantum physicists so for now let’s focus on healing and look at a specific case of expatriation, moving and settling in.
Seeing the positive side of any events is similar to visualize loved ones hugging and smiling at each other. This is so simple and hence to difficult to implement when indeed the shipment hasn’t yet reached destination after 2 weeks delay. Eventually all will fall into place and if it were that all belongings would be lost; what is so important in material life that can’t be replaced by any skill, wisdom of patience, positive thinking, and healing of beliefs?
Moving and expatriating is about change and the ability to accept what comes with it. Nothing in life is permanent. When settling in a new location, let it go, allow the place to send its messages and speak its own language and let the purpose of your presence in the location unfold freely. In our specific case, After having visited approximately 65 countries and worked in about 15 of them in four continents, I remained impressed by Vientiane when I first came over in 1993. Today, it still lives at a similar pace although obvious changes have occurred. Finding new places to live, meeting new people and finding a way around the city are actually very easy in Vientiane. By 7pm the streets of the city, except for some bars and noisy locations, returns to its primary status of ‘silent city’ and the week-ends are really slow paced. I decided to move here from the hustle of Bangkok, Lao PDR is still the best kept secret of Asia with a bit of passion, blended with courage, determination, and patience, all settling in Vientiane would be smooth and seamless. When we reached Vientiane in July 2010, the house that I had found back in April 2010 wasn’t only ready for us, but also shining in all its beauty.  I spent some time prior to moving in to heal the location with sacred symbols of Karuna Reiki, and exploring the Bagua Feng Shui map of the settlement. Upon moving in we were able to blend with the house as though we belonged here harmoniously. We are now set to start up our new life!
 In gratitude