Healing, Flying and Quantum Oneness

We posted this fabulous video clip already. We love it. we re-post it because it joins our rewards quite nicely.

A few clients have been regularly receiving Healing Waves from us. For some of them, it had meant involving the whole family and address several issues of healing, for others it has been a regular request for support in order for instance to re-establish harmony between a desire for living naturally and positively and getting rid of both mental and physical addictions.

In the past few days we received phone calls and chat conversations about the instant healing experience occurring spontaneously at the thought of receiving a healing wave.

We are grateful, immensely grateful to be part of their life and help them to help themselves. We remain fascinated by the quality of the Oneness and the quantum communication established between the sender and the receiver. We had no doubts our healing waves were well received, We love to hear from the receiver whenever the results are manifested abundantly and beauty-fully!

This video mocking a flying session, is for us a perfect analogy with the astral travel of the quantum energy generated during the healing and well after!.

In gratitude!