Feng Shui & Energy Flow in the Home

As we recently moved location, one key intention in settling in the new house would be to follow some basic principles of Feng Shui. So we did a search on the About.com and found this very simple and exhaustive site presenting simple and feasible tips for enhancing positive energy flow in the house. As we were pleased to find out that our home is already endowed with positive spirits, we devoted some time to search best locations and arrangements for the master bedroom, the daughter's bed room, and the remaining of the house. The least to say is that our Healing Mudras studio in the annex of the House is also located in North part of the House which is a very good start and will also be arranged along with Feng Shui tips.

It is the first time we'd actually paid attention to the Feng Shui in arranging the furniture and including the bedroom. Now the bed is facing south in the south west area of the house, (that is how it is constructed !)  turning the back to the doors, and also in a location where the mirror cant catch the sight of the bed! The desk of the Home office is facing South East and is thus not parallel to the wall which we like a lot, and the Veranda is located exactly in the south east area of the house Bagua Map which is the area of social relations!
The Home office is also in the Western part of the house which is enhancing creativity ! We love it

This was a first timer for us and from now we'll keep in mind these basic principles:

- the bed should not be aligned with doors ( both entrance and closets) nor mirrors and should not have a beam nor ceiling fan on top;
- a desk should not turn back to a door, and preferable facing south, south east, should be in front of a blank wall, and never face a water location ( you don't want your assets down the drain!)

If you like to read more about Feng Shui click the link and visit Rodhika's website.

As healer, we pay a lot of attention to energy, and after having healed the location, send positive vibes to its cleaning, and refreshment upon departure of previous tenants, we are now evolving nicely in a clean, energy flow in our Wat Nak village of Vientiane!

Our Usui Reiki Healing classes start as of next week.

In gratitude!