Auras, Healing and Children

Children have a special way to heal. They don't really understand the "not being well"; this state of weakness that prevents them from playing around and test that energy that flows into their young bodies. They also have limited filters or limiting beliefs. They are still 'untouched' to a certain extend their auras are still clear. Hence they experience healing with much more freedom, open mind and I'd say, rather rapidly.

It often occurs to me to give Reiki to children, Some of daughter's friends coming over to play and i.e. hurting themselves, or some other occasions where a child is un-well, or experiences dis-comfort and even anger... I was given the opportunity to give Reiki to a child that was in a state of shock and the parents were lost not knowing what to do as they say these situations occur quite often with their son, crying, shouting, with apparent no reason and refusing to talk. They told him i was going to alleviate his pains wherever they are and just to allow me to put my hands on his arms ( that he was holding so tight) . After a few minutes, he calmed down, stopped sobbing, relaxed his face muscles and was able to breath calmly again. He probably would need a few more sessions, however the parents were quite stunned at his rather fast relaxation from a state of high shock to a state of normality. Even children have auras, and when they experience pain or anger, their bodies constricts. Reiki would bring about balance in those areas.

As a Reiki Practitioner of many years, the pregnancy, birthing and rearing of my daughter has truly been a fabulous story of positive energy flow. As an intuitive guide I used Reiki healing for any situations regarding her health i.e. vaccines, teething, stomach pain, and even middle ear infections. I am blessed to have a daughter who is rarely unwell and when she does it is only a matter of a day of high fever which eventually  i treat with 10 minutes Reiki,

 A few days ago she got high fever and again i was put in a situation to give her a short Reiki session which instantaneously drops the fever away. The back side of the shoulders is the area of the body to be treated for fever. As I treat the feverish area, my hands experience a decrease in the temperature almost instantaneously.
I find this  fascinating as she subdues to the calming effect of the healing she either falls asleep or opens her eyes widely and smiles.

Our bodies have several layers of auras and the following video that we sourced from The Light 101 explains quite simply what the centers of energy are. 

Colours, energy, vibrational frequencies, we are living souls!

In gratitude!