Walking Meditation, Non -Action in Action

Meditation may sometimes be comprehended as non-action, contemplation and no-movements. This is not the case. Most Buddhist practices of meditations, meaning most major schools of Buddhism -Mahayana, Theravada and Vajrayana - do include walking meditation as a mindfulness exercise. The benefits of walking meditation may even be clearer and instantaneous while it may take a little longer to experience and be aware of the real effect of sitting meditation.

As the practice of walking meditation is the awareness of touching the earth with humbleness it is a very important component of a meditation practice. In addition to being available for practice at any time of the day it is also very important in awakening the mind to being and being natural in the first place.

Remember a toddler who just realized standing posture and then attempted to put one feet in front of another... Remember the look on his or her eyes - Yes i can do this. yes i am going to put one feet in front and advance.... Be that toddler once again.... Adulthood is often about i know already... and then it actually is also bound for realization that well yes I know all but i need to re-learn many habits...When the practice of walking meditation becomes natural, then it is possible to experience humbleness of walking on earth, lightness of the breath and eventually the importance of the breath, in /out ... Calming the moment, being in the moment, in the present and slow down.

Someone broke the silence and asked: " Is it possible to meditate while running?" why would you run when you can walk?

Experience walking meditation like a lightness of the body. Awareness of touching the ground and eventually pressing the whole feet on the ground one after the other. Empty the mind and you will realise how cruel it would be to walk on an ant!

This video is a collection from various walkers. We love it because it shows a variety of walking style.

In gratitude!